Private Yoga Instruction

Experience the support and safety of One-on-One instruction while you gain confidence, ask all the questions, and work on how to offer yourself pose options that will help you feel ease in your yoga. Private lessons are a great way to work on goals, get back into yoga after your body has had some changes or is in need of recovery, and do so all in the safe space of our studio with no one else around.  

For Our New Students  

Starting yoga can feel intimidating. We were all new once and we are very familiar with that feeling. Private lessons allow you to come in, get your bearings without a group class pace, and get you ready for how to feel great in the room.  

For The Seasoned Students  

If individual attention feels good for where you are right now, Private Lessons help you work on goals, get deeper into your poses, and tailor alignment as you go on the path to a balanced practice. We are able to offer meditation in lessons, workshop with props, and completely focus on you.  

For Parents and Kids  

If you are looking to be able to enjoy yoga, find stillness, and “feed two-birds with one scone” we are able to offer you Private Family Instruction. Ages 5 and up, welcome.  

Private Lesson Prices 

60 Minutes- In Studio or Outdoors  (outdoor classes currently offered at Wadeview Park)  

1-2 People$60
3-5 People$75
5 Pack for 1-2$280 

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