Skill in Action: Exploring Social Justice + Yoga Workshop

Join Skill in Action Facilitators Mika Dot Lee & Tyler Houghton, as they host this 3-hr VIRTUAL workshop designed to deepen your awareness of the various identities you embody, cultural conditioning and its impact on you and others and how systems of power affect our well-being. In this workshop through asana (poses), meditation and discussion you will explore how you can harness your individual power and our collective power to make social change. Through the practice of yoga and meditation we will connect with our inner fire, agni, to gain clarity about our actions and their alignment with our higher purpose all in-service of our collective humanity. You will leave this workshop with a deeper connection to self, your community and all beings. This all-levels yoga workshop will include a dharma talk, meditation, asana, and discussion.

Presenter Bios:

Mika Dot Lee: With an intuitive nature from childhood, Mika traversed a career landscape of corporate abuses and nonprofit dysfunction knowing she didn’t fit in. She edged her way through it by exploring the crossroads of yoga asana and sticking with her future dreams. By gaining the language and deeper awareness of social justice activism, being involved in grassroots leadership training, and movement practices, she realized the influence of the subtle energy bodies showing up as anti-blackness and negative implicit bias. Her aim is to offer an alchemy of tantric meditation, embodied somatic exploration of our everyday living, plant medicine ritual and creativity as a pathway to consciously manifest liberation from systemic oppression. She is a commitment to the opportunity for creating spaciousness in all our relations. The culmination of her studies in contemplative yoga philosophy, embodied somatic coaching, herbalism, and emotional intelligence guide her teaching as a creator practitioner, with the belief that we practice what we create. Her goal is to present an afro-eco-feminist lens for the learning and unschooling of white supremacy, particularly in the workplace and for interpersonal relationships.

Tyler Houghton: Tyler aligns with grassroots communities, coalitions, and abolitionists to uplift all sentient beings generationally erasured, targeted, or otherwise confined to inhumane cages due to efforts of white supremacy and the settler-colonial system. As a multi-racial, urban Indigenous Blackfoot person, a non-gender conforming USMC veteran: Tyler’s intersectional social location drives their social justice activism, as well as their advocacy for a green-future, prioritizing ending racism and war. Tyler coaches trauma-informed and ‘survivance’ narratives. Focused on nonviolent direct action, decolonizing spirituality, dismantle racism, and reflective movement meditation: Tyler is grounded in compassionate and loving cross-cultural communication and protocol.